Our Process

Giving us a call or sending us a message is the first step to start your finance journey.

During our first chat we will discuss your goal and your current situation and arrange a suitable time to meet.

At our first meeting we will go over all the financial aspects of your life – your living expenses, income, and details of your purchase. This can be quite daunting so before this chat we will email you a detailed checklist so you can prepare the documents we will need to go over.

After gathering all the relevant information, we will research your options, assess your borrowing power, and analyse what loan product will work for your situation.

Once we have narrowed down your choices we will discuss the possible options with you and explain the features of the loans, the fees and the next steps.

If you decide to proceed and have chosen the lender and product that suits you, we will prepare the loan application on your behalf, meet with you to sign and then submit to the lender.

It is then time for the lender to assess your application! While we wait, we will inform you of any developments along the way.

Once approved, the lender will send us a letter of offer which we cross-check to make sure that what is offered is consistent with your requirements before you sign.

The process of creating your mortgage documents begins and we will liaise with your conveyancer, real estate agent and of course the lender to ease any hiccups along the way to meet your settlement deadline.

Documents we may need from you
  • Identity verifications – 100 points (Passport, Drivers licence)
  • Payslips
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Employment confirmation
  • Or if Self Employed, Business Activity Statetments and Tax Returns, an Accountants letter
  • Valuation of existing assets including property and vehicles
  • Existing loan statements
  • Credit Card and Bank Statements
  • Rental agreements
  • Utility Bills
  • Fixed expenses including Child Support payments
  • Credit reports

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