First Home Buyers

A place of your own...

To have a place of your own to make your home, is a dream that can take a lot of sweat and tears to achieve.


Although exciting, it can be overwhelming with a lot of forms and buzzwords being spoken about that you don’t understand.


Add in Government grants and schemes that you may be eligible for and it becomes a complicated process.


At Epyon we will help guide you through the process of purchasing your first home every step along the way.


A Deposit is payable on signing a Contract of Sale and can vary from 2-20% depending on the lender, applicable grants and your circumstances.


Stamp Duty is the rate payable to your state or territory government and the amount varies depending on the value of the property however there can be concessions for first home buyers.


Conveyancing Fees are charged by a legal professional to check over your contract of sale, conduct title searches and facilitate settlement.


Pest and Building Inspections are essential to add as part of your Contract of Sale to ensure the property you are buying does not have any hidden problems.


Mortgage Insurance is required if you are borrowing more than 80% of the purchase price of the property.


Lender Establishment Fees cover the cost of your property valuation and administration fees for your loan.


Moving costs including a removalist, bond and carpet cleaning, storage and temporary accommodation costs if your exit/entry dates don’t align.


Ongoing costs in addition to your mortgage repayments include council rates, water, electricity, home and contents insurance and maintenance expenses.


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