Investment Loans

Grow your portfolio

If you have always aimed to own all the properties on the board, speak to us so we can look at your options – it may be easier than you think.


Investors are generating wealth by investing in residential or commercial properties across Australia to increase their property portfolio.  Property can be a solid long term investment plan if you have the right strategy for your personal situation.


Whether you own property already or want to start on the ladder, assessing your borrowing power with a broker is one of the first steps to take.


RENTAL INCOME is the rent an investment property generates from your tenants.  This is calculated by dividing the annual rent by the price paid for the property and multiplying by 100 to find the percentage.


CAPITAL GROWTH is the increase in the value of your investment property over a period of time.  Having a long term plan of at least 10 years is important as property markets will go through periods of decline, stagnation and increase but with less volatility than the stock market.


There can be TAX BENEFITS when investing in property as you are able to offset any losses you incur against your taxable income, thereby reducing the amount of income tax you pay.


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