Refinancing & Debt Consolidation

Is it time for a change?

Traditionally many home owners just seek a loan from their bank thinking that this is the best option.


But with life’s changes, the features of the loan that suited you at the time of purchase, may not work for you later down the track.


Taking the time to assess your position, especially with interest rates on the rise, is a smart move.


REFINANCING is the process of taking out a new home loan to pay out your existing debt with the aim to improve the terms such as

  • a lower interest rate,
  • extending the repayment terms or
  • accessing features that your previous loan did not offer.


Changing your loan can be a way to use your home equity and access funds for renovations, a new car, invest or consolidate debts.


DEBT CONSOLIDATION is a smart move if you are struggling to manage several debts including credit cards.  Combining multiple debts into a single loan can help improve your overall finances by


If you have a home loan already, your rate is likely to be lower that what you would pay for other loans, so refinancing debts into your existing or a new home loan can help get your finances back on track.


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